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The loss of a beloved person leaves a space, the scope of which cannot be fully perceived at once. We are able to accept this new situation only in the course of time.

As the experience has proved the recollections of the deceased person occur spontaneously within the first weeks and days, i.e. images, experiences and conversations abruptly and unexpectedly enter the present. In every single mourning culture the point and the purpose at this time is to make the beloved feel accompanied and assist them in search for an appropriate mode to recollect.

Within the scope of our professional competence, we can help to set this recollection into rewarding context of gratitude: 

by floral decorations, rhetoric and music.


The ceremony, i.e. the memorial service arrangement is first of all determined by adherence or non-adherence to a certain religious denomination. Every denomination has burial rituals mostly based on centuries-old traditions. They help the believers not only at the time of the funeral itself, but also encourage to living with death and its transcendent meaning by means of participation in religious rites in everyday life.

Even in case the deceased was not adherent to any denomination, there have been developed other remembrance forms to present appreciation and the gratitude. They mainly come from the accurate proportion of speech and music. Music as every sort of art has not only consoling, but also functional purpose as it is able to create harmony among people. It is an essential basis to consider sharing remembrance and commemoration.

Besides the music's potential to bundle moments, encounters and images in the space among people at the memorial service it serves as an essential linking component within mourning itself due to its recurrence ability.

Thus the melodies of recollections can turn into melodies of gratitude. Recollections and music are closely interwoven and owning to their structures and functioning they reach many people and leave a long lasting effect. Therefore by means of memorial service recollections are experienced not as something solely individual, but also as something mostly pubic.

With respect to the deceased the music should last not for the single moment, but to reverberate far beyond it in the hearts of people.



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